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LATEST NEWS:   Zika-related birth defects likely higher than anticipated: panel - BOSTON (Reuters) - The risk posed by the Zika virus to developing fetuses is likely far greater than current estimates suggest, a top U.S. health official said on Thursday.
LATEST NEWS:   CDC issues Zika travel advisory for 11 Southeast Asian countries - (Reuters) - U.S. health officials on Thursday recommended that pregnant women postpone nonessential travel to 11 Southeast Asian countries because of the risk of Zika virus infection, which has been shown to cause severe birth defects.
LATEST NEWS:   Ex-Insys sales manager arrested in U.S. fentanyl-kickback case - (Reuters) - A former Insys Therapeutics Inc district sales manager was arrested on Thursday on charges he participated in a scheme to pay kickbacks to doctors to prescribe a drug containing the opioid fentanyl, U.S. prosecutors said.
LATEST NEWS:   Hormonal contraception tied to increased depression risk - (Reuters Health) - Hormonal contraception, including birth control pills or implants, may increase a woman's odds of depression and antidepressant medication use, according to a large study of Danish women.
LATEST NEWS:   Child fitness gap linked to income inequality - (Reuters Health) - In a comparison of fitness levels among children in 50 countries, the nations with the biggest internal income disparities tended to have the least fit youth.
LATEST NEWS:   CDC concludes probe into flour-linked E.coli outbreak - (Reuters) - The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said on Thursday it had concluded an investigation into a multi-state E.coli outbreak linked to flour produced at a General Mills Inc plant in Kansas City, Missouri.
LATEST NEWS:   It may not be a boy when dad’s been exposed to dioxin - (Reuters Health) - Men exposed to dioxin, a chemical once common in herbicides, may be less likely to father boys than peers who didn’t come in contact with this toxin, a recent study suggests.
LATEST NEWS:   Alcobra plunges after FDA places hold on ADHD drug - (Reuters) - Alcobra Ltd's market value more than halved on Thursday, a day after the company said the U.S. Food and Drug Administration had placed a hold on its lead experimental drug.
LATEST NEWS:   Study finds Zika infects neural cells related to skull formation - LONDON (Reuters) - The Zika virus causing an epidemic in Brazil and spreading through the Americas can infect and alter cells in the human nervous system that are crucial for formation of bones and cartilage in the skull, a study found on Thursday.
LATEST NEWS:   Europe's food safety watchdog says to release studies on weed-killer glyphosate - LONDON/BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Europe's food safety watchdog will release data from some of the scientific studies it reviewed in its assessment of glyphosate, an ingredient in Monsanto's widely used herbicide Roundup and subject of a fierce row over possible cancer risk.