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LATEST NEWS:   China updates key drug list in boost for Big Pharma - SHANGHAI (Reuters) - China has updated list of medicines covered by basic medical insurance schemes, a long-awaited fillip for drugmakers in the world's second-largest drug market where many new drugs have been kept out of patients' reach because of high costs.
LATEST NEWS:   Novartis cancer drug Zykadia gets FDA priority review - ZURICH (Reuters) - The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted priority review to Novartis drug Zykadia as a first-line treatment for some lung cancer patients, the Swiss drugmaker said on Thursday.
LATEST NEWS:   Many pacemaker recipients can safely get non-chest MRIs - (Reuters Health) - It might be possible for people with an older pacemaker to safely get an MRI after all.
LATEST NEWS:   Same-sex marriage laws tied to fewer teen suicide attempts - (Reuters Health) - Enacting policies that promote equality, like same-sex marriage laws, may ease the mental burdens on lesbian, gay and bisexual young people, a new U.S. study suggests.
LATEST NEWS:   Many U.S. cancer patients struggle to afford life-saving medications - (Reuters Health) - As cancer drug costs rise, U.S. cancer patients are more likely than other medical patients to struggle with paying for prescription medications, according to a recent study.
LATEST NEWS:   Thermo Fisher did not infringe genetic-testing patent, U.S. top court says - (Reuters) - The U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday cleared a subsidiary of biotech company Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc of infringing a genetic-testing kit patent held by Promega Corp, overturning a lower court's decision.
LATEST NEWS:   CVS removes artificial trans fats from its food brands - (Reuters) - CVS Health Corp said its pharmacy chain had removed artificial trans fats, which have been linked to rising rates of heart diseases, from its store-branded food products well ahead of a June 2018 federal deadline.
LATEST NEWS:   China reports more severe form of bird flu, threat to poultry: WHO - GENEVA/BEIJING (Reuters) - China is working to assess the prevalence of a new strain of H7N9 bird flu, state radio reported on Wednesday, after global health authorities said the strain had evolved into a more severe form in birds.
LATEST NEWS:   Armyworm caterpillars ravage maize crop in southeast Congo - KINSHASA (Reuters) - Crop-destroying caterpillars known as armyworms have ravaged 63,000 hectares of maize in southeastern Democratic Republic of Congo since December, causing local maize prices to triple, a U.N. spokeswoman said on Wednesday.
LATEST NEWS:   'Alarming' superbugs a risk to people, animals and food, EU warns - LONDON (Reuters) - Superbug bacteria found in people, animals and food across the European Union pose an "alarming" threat to public and animal health having evolved to resist widely used antibiotics, disease and safety experts warned on Wednesday.