Features and characteristics of a Software Company to create a Custom Laboratory Portal.


I’ve read allot recently about what others consider to be features for Laboratory Portal.

Here are is one such example of features:

  • Secure messaging with providers
  • View test results
  • View immunizations
  • View medications and allergies
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Account review and pay
  • Online patient educational materials
  • Family access


Here is my thinking about each and every one of the features listed and what I see missing:

  • Secure messaging with providers:  Absolutely agree with this, I also know you need secure messaging with the patient too!  Our product allows patient access to be controlled by providers if they so choose. 
  • View test results:  I agree with this, yet I would further suggest that a laboratories end product is their laboratory test report.  The report it’s self can include educational information and trending information from the patients prior test results.  The report can be delivered in PDF/HTML/HL7 or in a different language with our platform.
  • View immunizations:  I’ve never been asked to create this functionality so I can’t speak to this.
  • View medications and allergies:  I have implemented the ability for patients to take a questionnaire online that includes over the counter, and prescription medications along with specific questions that can determine the actual reference range used for the report.
  • Appointment scheduling:  I like the idea of this I would further wonder about perhaps sending a SMS to the patient to remind them of their appointment, that sms  should be generic as to not violate HIPAA.
  • Account review and pay:  Account payment history can be very complicated to do, when patients are using primary and secondary insurance to pay for their care.  I’ve not seen this implemented so far due to the complications in medical billing.   We have implemented features to allow patients to submit insurance information, we have yet to display back to a patient their account details.  If the information is available I see no reason that we couldn’t do this.
  • Online patient educational materials:  Absolutely agree with this, we’ve seen custom videos for patients to view, and materials that can be reviewed online at any time.  We even have a demonstration of using keywords on the HTML report to offer patient information.  I think more information should be available to patients; it does take time to develop and refine that information.  It would also seem a good idea to provide information to your providers so that they may get further information on the more complicated tests profiles.
  • Family access:  I can see the value in this, yet I’ve not seen this requested so far, plus this would require getting the patients approval to allow this to happen as HIPAA rules do not allow just anyone to get access to your test results unless you specifically grant them access.


What I see missing from the above: Is the software company needs to have experience in working with webservices, and experience working with Oracle PL/SQL, Sql Server T-SQL MysSql.  The importance of knowing sound data integrations options is a must have for any vendor doing Lab Portal work.  You can view some of my experience from my linked in profile here: My Linked in Profile

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